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Volunteering throughout our communities

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Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Stout Street Clinic

The Coalition’s Stout Street Clinic has been delivering healthcare for the homeless in downtown Denver for more than 25 years. Located at the corner of Stout Street and Broadway, this freestanding, 20,000 square foot facility centralizes services for anyone who is homeless there is never a charge for this care.  Dr. Diana DeSantis holds a pediatric medical vision clinic at Stout Street Clinic one day per month, accompanied by our staff, also volunteering their time.

Stout Street Clinic Annual Back to School Fair
Each August, the Stout Street Clinic hosts an annual Healthy Kids Back to School Fair offering children routine health & vaccine clinics, dental, hearing and vision.  Children’s Eye Physicians physicians and staff voluntarily support the vision clinic portion of this event, screening and treating up to 300 children.

Stout Street Clinic
2100 Broadway  |  Denver, CO 80205
phone 303- 293-2220


Anchor Center for Blind Children

Anchor Center for Blind Children is a local school and non-profit organization dedicated to providing early intervention/education to blind and visually impaired children throughout the state of Colorado.  Dr. Robert King and Dr. Anna Steele host a voluntary clinic one full day per month caring for enrolled children at the Anchor Center for Blind Children.

Anchor Center for Blind Children
2550 Roslyn Street
Denver, Colorado 80238
phone 303-377-9732