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Who We Are

OUR MISSION: To be a center of excellence devoted to the prevention of childhood blindness, the treatment of pediatric ocular disease and adult strabismus.

2018 marks our 25th year serving Colorado

What started in 1993 with two pediatric ophthalmologists, Robert King, MD and Diana DeSantis, MD, practicing in one location, has evolved into what is now Children’s Eye Physicians. Our now five pediatric ophthalmologists and four pediatric and family optometrists, serve patients in Centennial, Denver (Stapleton), Grand Junction and Wheat Ridge. Our patients come to us not only from the greater Denver metropolitan and outlying areas in Colorado, but from Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, and New Mexico.

Our core Children’s Eye Physicians practice, providing pediatric ophthalmology medical eye health needs for pediatric patients and adults with strabismus, has expanded. We opened the Colorado Center for Eye Alignment, to have a place to help patients with adult strabismus and opened Colorado Family Eye Center- Stapleton, serving family (adult and pediatric) patients for routine and medical eye health needs.

Children’s Eye Physicians also supports 12 Colorado hospitals in their Neonatal Intensive Care Units, providing Retinopathy of Prematurity services for prematurely born infants. Children’s Eye Physicians voluntarily provides physician support at the Anchor Center for Blind Children and Stout Street Clinic, and participates in many other community events providing vision screening and services for underprivileged children.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve our patients, area hospitals and our community.