To our referring physicians

Thank you for your trust in Children’s Eye Physicians and Colorado Center for Eye Alignment, to consult with your patient regarding their ocular health needs. We are appreciative of your referral and will treat your patient with the utmost respect in our evaluation of their ocular health. We are committed to working as your partner in caring for patients referred to us, and we will keep you informed as to our recommendations and any applicable treatment plans.

Again, thank you for thinking of Children’s Eye Physicians and Colorado Center for Eye Alignment for your patient.


Pediatric Ophthalmology & Adult Strabismus Team:
Dr. Robert King, Dr. Diana DeSantis, Dr. Christopher Bardorf, Dr. Anna Steele,
Dr. Adrienne Ruth, Dr. Justin Arbuckle, Dr. Rachel Reem

Family Optometry Team:
Dr. Amanda Huston, Dr. Jessie Vassau, Dr. Paul McHenry, and Dr. Sarah Bielski

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Children’s Eye Physicians, Colorado Center for Eye Alignment
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New and Improved Referral Process!  We have made referring quick and easy! 

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CEP, CCEA, CFEC Patient Referral Form

Please fax the form back to the Referral Coordinator at fax # 303-467-0145