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Our behind-the-scenes experts


Our front desk staff will be the first and last people you talk to on the day of your visit. You will get to know them well!  Their goals are to be helpful, knowledgeable, informative, and compassionate. We invite you to communicate your needs, allowing them to show you their dedication in making your experience at Children’s Eye Physicians extraordinary.

Highly trained, informative, child friendly and comprehensive are just a few things that will come to mind after seeing our Ophthalmic Technician staff in action!  Our clinical staff are key partners in your child’s clinical experience with our practice, aiding in our physicians’ examination, diagnosis of your child’s concerns, and helping implement a treatment plan.

SURGERY COORDINATOR: 303 463 5785; 800 573 8874; Fax 303 463 7560
The decision to move forward with a surgical plan of care recommended by your child’s physician can be overwhelming and at times confusing.  Guided by unique expertise and a high level of compassion, our practice’s Surgery Coordinators go above and beyond ensuring all the arrangements for your child’s scheduled surgery are as stress free and efficient as possible.  They also are available to help with your questions and concerns.

PATIENT ADVOCATE: Wendy M Spirek, Chief Strategy Officer   303 456 9456
Our patients are Children’s Eye Physicians’ number one priority. We stand behind this belief with the appointment of a special function within our practice, ensuring our patients and their parents and/or legal guardians have a place to offer feedback about their experience, largely for the purposes of addressing specific concerns or improving the quality of our service overall.

BENEFITS COORDINATORS: 303 597 1647 for Wheat Ridge or 303 597 1637 for Centennial
In the confusing chaos of medical insurance, it is reassuring to know there are qualified Benefit Coordinators on-site at our office to aid you in understanding how your individual insurance plan affects benefits related to the medical and routine ophthalmic care of your child.  Our helpful Benefits Coordinators are prepared to answer your questions and assist you with any financial concerns.