Dilation is the end result of using an eye drop to fix the pupil open in order to view the structures at the back of the eye. We use this same drop to paralyze the focusing mechanism, which is why there is a side effect of blurred near vision after pupil dilation.

With dilation, we are able to visualize all the important, structural parts of the eye to ensure they are normal and determine the appropriate prescription for glasses if they are needed.  The eye drops can have a brief stinging sensation.

Side effects include: blurred near vision and sensitivity to sun light.  It is recommended that patients wear sunglasses upon leaving our office after dilation, for their comfort.  The effects of these dilation drops can last up to 4 hours.

We tell parents that their children can return to school after a dilated exam; however, the teacher will need to be told that your child may require additional assistance with near activities for the duration of the dilation.

Other than the eye drops, what should I expect?

You can expect the highest level of comprehensive and accurate eye care, delivered by a highly trained Optometrist.